We have undeniable passions for elevating our students and their families.


Mr. Billy Heisler, MS, MA

Mr. John Will, MFA

Ms. Mary Dooms, MA

Mrs. Heather Will

President & Founder

Ms. Lavinia Sorano, MS, IEC

Director of College Consulting

Director of Training and Development

Director of Learning and Innovation

Director of Community Engagement

Leadership Team

Ms. Allison Masterson, MS

Elementary Education

Specializes in: 

Mr. Jim Multra, MA, MA

Middle and High School English and History, SAT/ACT Prep

Specializes in: 

Mr. Mark Richter, MA

College Application Writing, Creative Writing, High School Reading and Writing

Specializes in: 

Mr. Joe Manahan, MS

Executive Functioning, Middle School Math

Specializes in: 

Mr. Tim Will, MS

SAT/ACT Prep, AP/High School Math

Specializes in: 

Mr. Minkail Muhammad, MS

College/AP/High School Math

Specializes in: 

Mr. Tim Beranek

Middle and High School Math, Computer Science, SAT/ACT Prep

Specializes in: 

Ms. Emilie Amadi

Math, Science, Computer Science, College Application Process

Specializes in: 

Ms. Michelle Hettel, M.A.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade Special Education

Specializes in: 

Mr. John Will

Ms. Andrea Brady

Ms. April Marino

Ms. Sam Raeedy

Mr. Brian Hefferan

Reading, Writing, Business

Specializes in: 

Ms. Carolyn Neumann

High School, College, and Adult ASL

Specializes in: 

Mr. Chris Monzel

Middle School Math, Orchestra, Executive Functioning

Specializes in: 

Ms. Danielle Fewkes

Ms. Danielle Gillhaus

Mr. David Wang

Math, Business, Economics, History, Test Prep

Specializes in: 

Mr. Douglas Guzman

Computer Science

Specializes in: 

Ms. Emily Kuehl

Ms. Emma Levine

Ms. Fay Gammoh

Mr. Georgio Sakkos

Ms. Jackie Kallas

Mr, Julian Logan

Ms. Julianna Dizonno

Ms. Kim Ketcham

Mr. Mark Imber

Ms. Melissa Hull

Ms. Olivia Grenier

Ms. Rhiannon Brown

Mr. Sam Davidowitz-Neu

Ms. Sana Leebe

Mr. Surya Pratap

Ms. Sydney Phan

Ms. Tiffany Multra


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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

— William Butler Yeats